10 Steps to Home Ownership

Purchasing your home may seem daunting, though once you have the right team around you and the right information in your hand, you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease of moving into your new home. Please review my Ten Point Plan To Buy Smart!
1. Work with a professional mortgage broker
Access expert advice and hundreds of mortgage options.
2. Get a mortgage pre approval
Your mortgage broker will assist you to find out how much home you can afford.
3. Work with an expereinced realtor
A huge asset, and no cost to you as a Halifax home buyer, your realtor will shop around to find your dream home.
4. Make an offer to purchase, “Subject to Financing”
This time gives your mortgage broker the necessary time to finalize your mortgage with the lender.
5. Gather documents to support mortgage request
Documents include verification of down payment and income. If salaried, letter of employment and pay stub. If self employed, 2 years Notice of Assessments and verification of Business for Self.
6. Get the mortgage approval … waive financing & sign the mortgage commitment
Once deal is solidified with lender and mortgage is fully guaranteed to close, your Halifax mortgage broker will write a letter of financing to realtor to secure your home offer.
7. Get a lawyer and meet to finalize everything
Within a week of home closing, you will meet with your lawyer to provide ID, bank draft for the down payment and closing costs, and to sign the mortgage documents.
8. Arrange home insurance on the new home
Provide proof of home insurance to lawyer before your home closing.
9. Take possession on closing day
Once your lawyer exchanges funds for your home purchase, your realtor will give you the keys to your new home!
10. Stay in touch with your Halifax Mortgage Broker
You should connect at least once a year with your mortgage broker for a mortgage check up. This ensures your finances are still operating optimally and are receiving the most benefit from your current mortgage.